Foursquare Checkins = $40 Giftcards @ Starbucks (+Tesco Samples)

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Social Media News

Starbucks celebrated its 40th anniversary this week by randomly awarding $40 gift cards to customers who check in using Foursquare.

The promotion is being used to gain coverage of their 40th anniversary but more importantly their new logo. An ad campaign promoting this also features some new products, including “Petite” pastries and Starbucks Tribute Blend coffee.

The giftcard promotion, which was only running in US, started yesterday morning giving 500 gift cards to those who check in to participating Starbucks locations and unlock a “Tribute Badge.” Consumers can also enter the drawing via e-mail.

In the UK the celebrations have been reflected in both social and traditional media, with door drops of Starbucks Via being sent out to all Tesco Clubcard holders (that have bought coffee in the last six weeks) and email blasts to their own loyalty card holders.

If you remember the last Foursquare promo the coffee juggernaut did you’ll recall the somewhat mixed results. (If not) A program last year awarded discounts to mayors of various stores, but some consumers complained that staff at the participating stores had no knowledge of the promo – Que angry Tweeple and fecked off Facebook fans.


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